Proviz Reflect360 running vest review

Incredibly reflective, but will it become your running buddy of choice for twilight training?

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Apparently, so luminescent is Proviz’s HQ that it was the first thing Felix Baumgartner noticed when he was plummeting through the Earth’s atmosphere.


By day, the Reflect360 running vest is an understated garment, its grey colourway blending in with the UK weather. At nighttime, well, once an external light source hits it, you’re lit up like a beacon.

That reflective capacity’s matched by its breathability claims, deriving from the perforated fabric. In use, how much extra airflow that provides on top of the wide open sides and neck is debatable but, thankfully, the extra reflective layer isn’t as perceptible as we’d have predicted – that applies to run t-shirts, base layers and jackets.

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Where Proviz loses marks is the rather crude Velcro attachments. They work fine, but being the only size in the range, you’re given a number of Velcro attachments to choose from, leaving the ones you don’t use an unnecessary eyesore. It’s also quite expensive compared to other hi-viz accessories in the Proviz range.

Verdict: Does the job, but cheaper options are available, 76%


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