New Balance Loose Fit Tee

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

This New Balance offering has a good mixture of fabrics, with a silky and lightweight polyester covering most of the body, and a breathable elastane mix under the arms to provide a welcome level of added flexibility. This has also aided the aesthetic of the top with the side panels creating a pleasant and striking bit of extra detail.


The scooped v-neck and loose but form-fitting cut also help to provide a feminine but sporty overall look. The slightly looser fit helps to retain modesty and the hemline, which is contoured with a slight flare and makes for a flattering finish.

When you then consider these positive features in light of the relative bargain-basement price tag, the Loose Fit Tee has some serious potential. It’s difficult to find too much fault with this running top, and we ended up just considering the negative issues that a looser fit might create, such as flapping on a windy day.


Contact : New Balance 0800 389 1055