Adidas Adistar S/S Tee

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

This body contouring design by Adidas creates a striking aesthetic thanks to the quality, loose-fit cut. The design allows complete freedom of movement with the accuracy of the cut ensuring little movement during running.


The material itself is comfortable with no rubbing or chafing – surprising given the loose fit, which can often cause gathering and irritation. The looser fit can also be attributed to the fact that the many seams are unnoticeable.

In terms of performance, the base fabric has excellent wicking ability, although there were issues around the neck where the material is doubled over, causing moisture to build up.

This is particularly noticeable towards the end of a run when, although the majority of the top was practically dry, the neck was still damp. The lack of stretch at the neck may mean sacrificing your hairdo when you put it on, but it was comfortable despite this.


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