TomTom launch new range of sports watches

TomTom’s latest line of wearable tech enables athletes to track levels of body fat, guide themselves home during training and store up to 3GB of music.

The new TomTom Spark 3 range

220 Triathlon were in London today for the launch of TomTom’s new range of sports watches. In total four new sports products were revealed which include a range of updates as well as some unique-to-market features.


The product line is:

1. TomTom Touch

Preferring to call this a ‘fitness tracker’, this is TomTom’s new entry to the activity tracker band market. Uniquely, it includes a body fat measurement feature which works by sending a small electrical pulse through your body to measure body composition, allowing you to track percentages of body fat and muscle. TomTom tell us this is as accurate as any other body composition analysis tool on the market.

TomTom Touch fitness tracker is the first in the market to measure body composition at the wrist

The Touch also enables you to track the other fitness elements you would expect: steps, calories burnt, sleep and time active. The touch-screen receives phone call and text notifications and a choice of four interchangeable straps are available.

Price: £129.00, available now.

2. TomTom Spark 3/Runner 3

The Spark and Runner 3 are, in terms of the technology, the same product – the only difference being the marketing and the colour of wrist strap you get. So if you want an understated strap colour go for the Spark, if you want something a little jazzier go for the Runner… Odd, but there you go.

The Spark 3 (shown here) is essentially the same as the Runner 3. Both include a ‘take me home’ feature and in the case of the two music versions, 3GB of music storage to play wirelessly.

In terms of the tech, there are four versions of the Spark 3/Runner 3 available: the entry-level, the Music, the Cardio and the Music + Cardio.

The key new feature in all watches is a ‘take me home’ function, that remembers the route you’ve taken and can guide you back to the start by showing direction arrows on the screen. Pretty cool if, like some of 220’s editorial staff, you have a habit of going out running and getting lost…

As you move up the range you get the heart rate sensor at the wrist in the Cardio versions (which TomTom were keen to remind us that they bought to market first), plus in the Music versions you get storage for 3GB of music that connects to headphones via Bluetooth (included in the Music version, but £49.99 if bought separately).

At the moment none of Spark/Runner range can receive app notifications such as text messages or phone call notifications, but TomTom tell us this will follow soon. One cool feature is the ability to tell the watch you’re changing discipline (eg from bike to run) by simply holding your hand over the screen for a second – it will then recognise you’re doing something different and log a lap accordingly.

For triathletes, battery life and swim function will be key concerns. Battery life is 10 hours so this may not suit many chasing an Ironman finish. Plus we were a bit disappointed to find there’s no open-water swim function yet, although the watch can be used to track pool training.

Price: Spark/Runner 3 £119.00, Music (inc headphones) £149.00, Cardio £169.00, Cardio + Music £219 (£249 bundle with headphones). Available now.

3. TomTom Adventurer

While the Spark 3 and Runner 3 get a compass to guide you home, where the Adventurer wins is in it also includes a barometer. Ok so a lot of the functionality here is aimed at skiing-type sports, but for multi-sporters this also means a trail function which can track your gradients so you know how steep the ascent or descent is.

The top-end TomTom Adventurer adds a barometer and more rugged strap to the Spark 3/Runner 3 spec.

The Adventurer is the same watch build but in a different, more rugged strap. It also has a ‘hike’ mode that takes the heart rate at the wrist less frequently and so uses less battery, therefore the battery life is up to 19 hours. Still no open water swim function, though.

Price: £249.99. Available mid-October


We’ll be running full product tests in the pages of 220 soon. For more info in the meantime, visit