Ciclosport HAC 5 Titan

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

The Ciclosport definitely lives up to its name size-wise but how does it compare to Goliaths such as the Garmin XT310?


Well, after reading the functions list and spotting the ‘pod’ design that allows you to attach the monitor to the bike without the strap, you’ll soon understand: Titan by name, Titan by nature it is.

But then you have to attack the complex Titan user interface. After a couple of goes at the manual, though, we were able to use all of the functions this monitor offers. And once paired with the optional bike equipment there’s not much it won’t do – from skiing to riding and everything in-between. The large screen is highly configurable and will display the data you want to see, when you want to see it.

The ergonomics of the watch and heart rate belt aren’t the best, but for functionality the HAC 5 does provide great value for money.


Contact : Big Bear Sports 0208 991 9244