Spiuk Ventix

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

The Ventix have a similar classic bike appeal to the Brikos, but without the compromise, and better ventilation to keep them fog-free on a run. The upper frame closely skims the face, with the hinges set slightly back to minimise any peripheral interference.
Unlike many similar frames there’s no obstruction during aero riding, nor is there the creaking so common with polymer frames. The only drawback is that this design results in a bulkier set-up.
The lenses provided with the standard £55 package are acceptable, with the darkest tints having a flared coating. But a wise addition are the Lumiris photochromatic lenses (an extra £25). At their darkest they can’t match the flared options, but with a minimum 26% light transmission they’re good in most UK conditions.


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