Oakley Split Jacket

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

These are essentially a slightly less aggressive version of Oakley’s Jawbone glasses. They share the same Switchlock system for swapping lenses and roughly the same design, but are a little smaller and softer around the edges.It gives them a vaguely more feminine feel – although they’re not billed as women’s glasses and are just slightly too big for the average woman’s face.


Fit is good – even if they don’t offer quite as much coverage as the Jawbones – and the shallower lens shape means a little more daylight sneaks in underneath and around the edges. The smaller shape also means you’re more aware of the frame. It never gets in the way but it does creep into your peripheral vision a little more.

Despite this, the view through both sets of lenses is crystal clear with no distortion. The only cause for concern is a little play in the arm and nose clips joints.  


Contact : uk.oakley.com