Bloc Stealth

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

If you can overlook the slightly clumsy 1980s feel to their styling, the Blocs offer great value for money (our tester owned a pair at the beginning of his triathlon career and they served him well). For £45 you get the three must-have lenses and a soft carrying pouch-come-lens cleaner. The only thing that’s missing is a hard case.


Once on, the fit is good and the glasses stayed put throughout the tests. There was some down-the-nose slippage on the rougher MTB terrain and when running hard downhill, but nothing major. The massive one-piece lenses gave one of the best fields of vision on test and, even when fully down in an aero tuck, there was no obstruction to view.

The wraparound design gave great wind protection but was slightly prone to fogging up when we stopped to take a breather. But they always cleared quickly once we got going again.


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