Wheyhey! Protein Ice Cream

We gain a sneak peek at the new protein ice cream from Brit brand Wheyhey


While the UK summer sun’s last hurrah will soon be upon us, that doesn’t mean we have to stop eating ice cream, right? Surprisingly not hailing from Newcastle, Wheyhey tout their ice cream for its performance benefits due to the content of protein and natural sweeteners.


Wheyhey is made from whey protein isolate, is reportedly low in fat, gluten-free and contains no sugar as it has its own natural sweetener (namely xylitol, a naturally occurring substance found in birch tree extract). Additionally, each 150ml tub contains just 165 calories.

Wheyhey, who were founded by two Brunel University physiology students, also promote the benefit of the ice cream in maintaining healthy muscles and bones, as well as supporting the endochrine system.

Fortunately the brand haven’t opted for protein-rich foods such as chicken, eggs or green beans for their flavourings, with the ice cream available in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours.

Wheyhey! Protein Ice cream is available to purchase at a host of gyms and retailers, and sells for £6.50 per 500ml tub and £2.50 per 150ml tub.


We’ll be testing soon but head to wheyhey.com for more info.