SiS Whey Protein – first look

New powder from Science in Sport promises rapidly digestible and convenient protein hit


While, say, a peanut butter sandwich will hit the mark nutritionally as your protein-rich chow of choice post-exercise, many triathletes turn to powder supplements for a rapidly-digestible and convenient instant protein hit.


The new Whey Protein powder from SiS contains a concentrated portion of the branched-chain amino acids, crucial for building and retaining muscle. The blend comes in banana, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours and is wheat and gluten-free.

The chocolate one pictured above contains 72g of protein per 100g, with carbs making up 5.9g, fat 7.7g, fibre 3.1g and 1g salt. You’ll get 33 servings out of this 1kg tub, and there’s a 2kg version available for £54.99 if you’re looking to save a bit by doubling up on the amount.


Price: £29 for 1kg from