Maximuscle Maxi-Milk

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3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Milk can be a perfect recovery food, but these super-enriched cartons of milk are more for the gym-goer than runner or triathlete. This is because they contain a whopping 33g protein due to the added whey protein concentrate; 27g more than an equivalent serving of ‘regular’ milk.


This exceeds the needs of most endurance athletes for pre-training or an immediate post-training snack. In fact, each carton provides around a quarter of most athletes’ daily protein needs, which is equivalent to a standard chicken breast or can of tuna.

Taste and texture-wise Maxi-Milk, although not unpleasant, is very thick and sweet – not surprising really since each 330ml carton contains 38g of refined sugar, which is equivalent to five heaped teaspoons of normal sugar.

Due to the enriched nature and the cream-like consistency, avoid combining with any other food (for ease of digestion) and treat them as a complete snack or small meal – or consume half a carton pre- and post-workout.


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