ZipVit ZV7C

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

When it comes to the caffeine stakes, the ZipVit ZV7C energy gel stands alongside the USN Vooma gel at 160mg per sachet and boasts 2.5 times more caffeine than a can of Red Bull. Masking any caffeine taste is the Cherry Cola flavour tested here (Blackcurrant is also available), which is surprisingly appetising during a workout and, thankfully, lacks a paste-like viscosity.


Although the price point may seem high, each sachet contains two servings to make it one of the cheaper gels out there. However, unlike the aforementioned Vooma, the ZipVit isn’t resealable, leaving some of the whopping 51g of carbs in our jersey pockets.

The main thing to remember is that, with each sachet rivalling a tall Starbucks Americano, you could easily be maxing out on caffeine, especially if you’re also consuming tea, coffee or cola as well. Used sparingly in long training sessions or races, it’s a great ally in getting you to the finish on top form.


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