Secret Training Stealth energy gel review

Excellent taste and texture, and a particularly advanced formulation

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Secret Training Stealth energy gel review


While there are plenty of caffeinated gels out there, the Stealth energy gel with caffeine and betaine is a bit different.

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Each 60g sachet delivers 22g of mixed-source carbohydrate from maltodextrin, fructose and sticky rice starch, along with 75mg of caffeine. 

In addition, there’s 0.5g of betaine (a natural compound that some research suggests may help speed recovery) and elderberry antioxidants called anthocyanins, which (like other berry antioxidants) are thought to aid blood flow to working muscles. 

In testing, the texture is excellent (not too thick or runny), while the flavour is refreshing and authentic with just the right amount of sweetness.

At £1.75 per gel, they aren’t the cheapest, but then you’ll only need one (or at most two) caffeinated gels during most races or training sessions.

Strap: Advanced formulation with a great taste and texture, 86%


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