Review: ZipVit Nitrate Performance energy gel

Compact, convenient source of nitrate – but at a high price

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3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5
ZipVit Nitrate Performance energy gel

ZipVit’s Nitrate Performance Gel is not an energy gel as such; instead its key ingredient is 150mg of nitrate from beetroot juice.


Research shows that consuming around 500mg of nitrate per day for 2-3 days can boost sub-maximal exercise capacity by increasing muscle blood flow – ideal for aiding endurance in longer events.

In use, the 60ml sachets were somewhat tricky to open, but given that they aren’t designed to be taken during exercise, this isn’t an issue. The cherry flavour was pleasant and the consistency was good. However, the beetroot overtones created a rather odd taste sensation, which some may find off-putting.

The other issue is cost: 6-9 gels over three days amounts to around £12-18, which is three times more expensive than consuming a beetroot juice product containing the same amount of nitrate.

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