Review: Honey Stinger Organic Acai Pomegranate energy gel

The taste is strangely pomegranate-free, but a well-crafted formulation

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Honey Stinger claim to use only pure, natural ingredients and built a reputation on its original product, which was essentially honey in a packet.


Their newest sports gel provides 24g of fast-release energy per 30g packet and is gluten-free, but, surprisingly, given its name, doesn’t contain any nutrient-rich pomegranate and acai and is only 6% honey.

However, it contains 95% organic ingredients so avoids exposing you to pesticides used in non-organic farming, is based on sweet tapioca syrup, which is more nutritious than simple sugar, and only has seven ingredients. 

Users should also be aware that tapioca is known to aid bowel movements, which while good in day-to-day life is less so during a race and wearing a one-piece suit, so test in training!

In use, the gel has a subtle, pleasant taste and would be a good option for fuelling hard sessions over 90mins long.

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