GU Salted Caramel gel

Winter-themed for athletes who like their gels less sweet


In a move that culinary contrarian Heston Blumenthal would surely approve of, GU have been mixing their flavours to broaden the tri world’s taste palate. 


Admittedly it’s no rival to snail porridge or bacon and egg ice cream, but this salted caramel gel (£12 for a pack of 8) will surely raise an eyebrow or two. 

Presumably answering the call of athletes who find most gels simply too sweet, this gel is aimed at winter performance, right down to the yeti and snowflakes adorning the packaging. 

And, as well as serving up decent amounts of Vitamin C (40% RDA) and E (60%RDA), the salt provides heightened levels of electrolytes, allowing for the easy replacement of sodium.