33Shake Chia Energy Gel – first look

All-natural gel seeks to combine performance-boosting power with good taste


Founded by two endurance sports fanatics eager to find a more natural and stomach-friendly alternative to traditional sports gels and shakes, 33Shake calls itself the “first honest nutrition company” and this the only all-natural gel.


Looking to balance performance-boosting power with good taste, while avoiding any potential gut disruption and sugar spikes, 33Shake has made Chia Gel with 100% unprocessed ingredients: chia seeds, coconut palm sugar, Madagascar organic vanilla and Himalayan pink salt. 

Each 90cal mix-it-yourself sachet contains a blend of carbs, omega-3s, all nine essential amino acids, plus electrolytes to replace those lost through sweating.

Unusually gritty-looking in its ‘raw’ state, once you fill the sachet with water, coconut water or fruit juice, and give it a shake, it’s ready to drink. Price: £1.99 from www.33shake.com.


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