Will Bar review

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

The Will is a bar with energy at the heart of its formulation. The ‘coco-a-go-go’ flavour, which we tried, includes caffeine (0.2%) and taurine (1.8%). And at those levels the bar will definitely put a spring in your step and make an evening or lunchtime session easier to get through. See it like a solid version of many of the stimulation drinks on the market.


The carbs come from corn malt syrup and oat flakes, accounting for 47% of calories, whereas fat contributes 30% of calories and comes from cocoa, soy, palm fat and sunflower oil. This makes it more of a treat than training fuel, as fat will be slow to digest and isn’t what working muscles need. If you take it to get you through a training session then it beats a chocolate bar, but don’t use it when you should be using a high carb bar or gel.

The ‘booster berries’ variety includes vitamin C. Will bars are sold exclusively at Boots stores.


Contact : Will Bar www.willbar.com