Zéfal Arctica Water Bottle – first look

Quench your thirst at a lightweight price with these new bottles


If someone mentions Zéfal, the first thing you’ll likely think of is bike pumps. It’s simply what they do best. Case in point: the French company’s new water bottle won’t exactly quench anyone’s thirst for groundbreaking bottle design.

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In fact, the 700ml screw-cap Arctica reminds us of American brand Polar’s signature insulated bottles. But that’s no issue when your throat is drying up and you just want to take a swig of water or energy drink – whatever gets the job done, eh?

The Arctica is purported to be easy squeeze, spill proof and freezer friendly. It’s made from odourless polypropylene, with an inner resin that features three layers of insulation to keep your drink hot or cold for up to two and a half hours.

Bonus: At £7.99, its price tag is even more lightweight than the 210g bottle itself. The Arctica is available in six colours from www.fisheroutdoor.co.uk.

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