Vitargo S2 Recovery Drink

A genuinely different type of carb/recovery drink

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Vitargo S2 recovery drink

Rather than the usual maltodextrins found in most carbohydrate drinks, Genr8’s Vitargo S2 recovery/energy drink uses a highly soluble (gluten-free) form of barley starch called fractioned barley amlopectin.


According to Genr8, studies have shown that Vitargo is able to leave the stomach twice as quickly as ordinary carbohydrates.

This can help speed up glycogen replenishment after exercise, thereby boosting endurance in subsequent workouts. 

However, Vitargo can also be mixed at half-strength and used as a carbohydrate either before or after exercise.  

Although we were unable to test the scientific claims, mixing as a recovery drink produced an authentic and refreshing orangey taste that we really liked, and was well worth the slightly trickier mixing requirements (mixing in this case being a two-step process rather than just one).

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