Slazenger S1 Hypotonic

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3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Normally associated with Wimbledon, tennis rackets and sports clothing, Slazenger has recently launched the S1 Hypotonic, marketed as a fluid replacement drink and coming in two flavours: orange and mixed berry.


Hypotonic means the fluid in question has a lower concentration (or osmolality) than plain water or isotonic drinks. This allows for faster absorption into the body and, therefore, faster hydration. The packaging looks great but when stripped down these drinks are essentially water, sugar and salt, with added flavourings and artificial sweetener.

A 500ml bottle has the equivalent of two tablespoons of sugar, a small dose of sodium, and some B vitamins and magnesium. Slazenger are eager to highlight these drinks are aspartame-free but they do contain the artificial sweetener sucralose. It’s certainly suitable for hydrating before, during and after exercise – especially if conditions are hot.

As for the most important aspect – taste – while the mixed berry is palatable, the orange variety has a distinct chemical feel.


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