Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix – first look

All-natural rehydration formula developed by former Garmin pro cycling honcho


Founded by former Director of Sport Science at the Garmin pro cycling team, Dr Allen Lim, Skratch Labs came about from his ambition to find an all-natural rehydration formula that would meet with the riders’ approval.


He now has a range of six flavours launching in the UK including lemons and limes, green tea and lemons, oranges, pineapples and raspberries. 

The pluralising ‘s’ is important here, as the emphasis is on real fruits being used rather than just flavourings, such that Skratch advises that some small lumps may be found when it’s mixed up (one scoop to 500ml of water; 40cals per serving). 

There’s also an apples and cinnamon mix to be made with hot water, which could be just the job on freezing days. Price: £13.95 for 454g from


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