Science Fitness GlycoSource drink

Launched earlier this month at the London Triathlon, new sports drink purports to increase endurance and reduce bloating

Science Fitness GlycoSource

Hobbling round the Excel Centre after a particularly hot and sweaty London Tri, we stumbled across the team from Science Fitness launching their new sports drink, GlycoSource. Halted in our tracks by their sheer enthusiasm (as well as the hope of something to wash away the taste of dock water) we stopped to find out more.

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Developed in partnership with the Sports Scientists at the Carnegie Faculty of Leeds Met Uni, Science Fitness claim the drink replenishes the levels of glycogen in both muscle and liver 30% faster and delivers 35% more endurance capacity than pure carbohydrate formulations. Intended for use before, during and after intense training it contains a combination of high and low GI carbs, protein and amino acid which they claim will deliver performance gains with 44% less carbohydrate, meaning less bloating.

The drink is available in three flavours: Mandarin Zest, Very Berry and Caribbean Crush. We’ll be sending samples to our test team for a full review in the pages of 220 soon.

Price: £45 for a 750g pouch (30 servings) or £23.88 for a box of 12x25g servings, from

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