Review: Nectar Hydro drink tabs

Good formulation, great tasting and competitively priced

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5
Nectar Hydro drink tabs

The Hydro sports hydration tablets from Brit brand Nectar – creators of For Goodness Shakes – supply the five key electrolyte minerals in a carbohydrate-free formula.


Each tablet makes 750mls of drink but for a slightly stronger taste, Nectar recommends one tablet per 500mls of water. The tablets are scored for easy splitting and smaller quantities.

In testing, the tablets took a little while to dissolve but the reward was a very authentic and refreshing blackcurrant taste with very little chemically aftertaste.

We preferred the lighter taste (1 tab per 750mls), with the 20-tab pack providing great value for money at just 47p for a litre of mixed drink.

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