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NutritionX Xplode Shot review

Equivalent to a quadruple espresso, but can it boost mental energy and endurance?

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NutritionX Xplode Shot review


Described as a pre-exercise pick-me-up shot, NutritionX’s Xplode is designed to be consumed 30mins before training.

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Each 60ml shot provides a very hefty 250mg of caffeine – roughly equivalent to the amount in a quadruple espresso (don’t use these close to bedtime!).

Other ingredients include taurine, N-acetyl tyrosine, beta alanine and acetyl carnitine, the combination of which NutritionX claims can help boost mental energy and improve exercise performance, with caffeine well-documented to enhance endurance performance.

Given each shot is only 60ml, you’ll probably want to down the Xplode shot in one. But while it tastes somewhat orangey, this is accompanied by a bitter and quite salty aftertaste – no doubt due to the high concentration of caffeine and other ingredients.

Verdict: Worth a look if you want a high caffeine dose and can tolerate the taste, 79%


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