New TORQ apple crumble energy gel, cookies & cream recovery drink

Tempting new dessert-based flavour apparently took over two years to develop, while cookies & cream recovery drink 'reminiscent of milkshakes and liquidised biscuits'


Ever feel a bit bored by the usual energy gels and drink flavours? TORQ wants to change all that, and has released three new products all at once to convince you: an apple crumble-flavoured energy gel, natural blackcurrant energy drink and a cookies & cream recovery drink. 


The new apple crumble gel apparently took over two years to develop, and is functionally identical to other TORQ gels, using 2:1 maltodextrin to fructose ratios to deliver a claimed 90grams of carbohydrate absorption per hour. A box of 20 costs £27.40. 

Blackcurrant energy drink
Cookies and cream recovery drink