Maximuscle Promax Choc/Mint

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

Maximuscle and its Promax range is synonymous with protein. It’s always gone down well with us before, but how does this new flavour – choc and mint (908g tub) – measure up?


Weighing in at 120kcals per serving, it’s relatively lightweight compared to its competition in this category. But, for a 70kg male, one serving will provide just under a third of the daily intake requirements, which is still a significant proportion.

Energy content is kept relatively small with a low fat level and modest amount of carbohydrate, approximately the same level as your average isotonic sports drink at 6.8%.

Sodium is in there, too, but the dosage of 120mg is comparatively minimal for the average sweater and, therefore, if used for rehydration purposes this product should be supplemented with additional salt or a specific rehydration product.

The new flavour isn’t bad but, sadly, it tastes like the mint edge is trying to cover a synthetic ‘chemical’ aftertaste. That said, it’s easy to consume and mix.


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