Lucozade Sport Pro Muscle

Our rating 
3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0

The Lucozade brand is highly credible in terms of sports nutrition, producing great tasting and convenient protein shakes for someone looking to recover fast. What’s also going for the Sport Pro Muscle is the fact that it’s neither synthetic or powdery, as you so often find in similar products.


The main reason for this it that it contains no exotic compounds or performance enhancers, making it nigh-on identical to chocolate milkshakes you find on the supermarket shelf.

Plain old milk has plenty of literature extolling its recovery virtues, particularly with the added sugar here that provides a good balance of carbohydrate to the natural protein content. But, at £1.80 per serving, we don’t see how this premium transfers to any additional benefit.


Contact : Lucozade 0800 096 3666