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Best protein shakers for pre and post training

Effortlessly blend your protein shakes and powders on the go with a trusty protein shaker

Best protein shakers to buy

Protein shakes are an easy way to ensure we’re getting enough protein to proficiently rebuild our muscles before and after exercising. Luckily, they’re easy to whip up thanks to protein shakers.


Protein shakers, or mixing bottles, as they’re sometimes called, let you mix up your protein shake in seconds, so you can enjoy a lump-free shake whenever and wherever you need to.

Of course they also make for handy water bottles, so even if you don’t regularly drink protein shakes, they’ll still come in handy.

We’ve selected a number of the best protein shakers available to buy so you can find a bottle to slot into your workout routine. Picks are based on in-depth research and analysis of consumer reviews.

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Best protein shakers to buy

PhD Nutrition Protein Shaker 

This protein shaker from PhD Nutrition is a no-frills, affordable option with plenty of five-star reviews to its name. It’s designed to be easy to use – just drop the wire ball into your ingredients before giving your bottle a good shake. There’s a non-drip screw-top lid. which is designed to ensure you don’t waste a drop.

This 600ml bottle should be big enough for double serving protein shakes and it claims to be fine for dense shakes, too, so it’s a solid option whatever your protein preference. It’s also dishwasher safe for hassle-free cleaning.

Bulk Mini Iconic Shaker Bottle 

If you’re on the lookout for a dinky protein shaker you can easily squeeze into your gym bag, this option from Bulk could do the trick.

Offering plenty of the features you look for in a protein shaker – including a claimed leak-proof, screw-top lip and an easy-open spout – this bottle from Bulk is an affordable workout accessory that’s sure to make a handy back-up, or travel bottle.

We’re big fans of the transparent design too – great for easy measuring, and for spotting any pesky lumps of protein powder.

This design is smaller than the other protein shakers in the list, holding just 500ml, so it could work well if you’re after a quick protein shake.

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Kichly Protein Shaker Bottles

Double up with this set of two protein shakers from Kichly. Keep one in your gym bag or at work, and the other in your cupboard at home and you’ll always have a protein shaker to hand.

This design has plenty of desirable features, including a carry handle for easy transportation, and a large 700ml capacity.

A particularly nifty feature is the detachable storage compartment at the bottom of the bottle for any protein powder or supplements. Simply measure the night before and drink on the go, easy.

The mixer ball is a more solid, plastic design rather than the more common metal whisk balls so if you’re after something a little different, this design could be a new one to try.

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LifeLine Shaker Bottle with Storage Compartment

This is another protein shaker with a convenient storage compartment so you can keep your protein powder separate until you need it.

This LifeLine shaker bottle features a measuring scale for accurate measuring, and a metal whisk ball for smooth recovery drinks and protein shakes.

It’s a decent size too at 600ml, and all for under £4, making this a budget-friendly pick.

Promixx Pursuit Shaker Bottle

For a good-looking protein shaker that’s filled with desirable features, give Promixx a try.

There’s no mixing ball with this design, so it’s an ideal choice if you’re not a fan of the rattling sound when shaking. Instead there’s an integrated and easily-removable agitator at the top of the bottle.

It’s also designed with dual-wall insulation in an attempt to keep your shakes cool as well as smooth.

If you’re not into the sage green colour, there are also coral, blue and grey designs to consider.

Corength Maxi Shaker 

As Decathlon’s ‘best rated’ protein shaker, the Corength Maxi Shaker is a popular choice. It’s said to be ideal for BCAA, gainers and protein powder, and offers a sleek grey design with a removable grate for easy mixing and cleaning.

The design can hold 700ml and you should hear an audible clicking sound when closing the bottle so you know it’s safe to shake.


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