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The best meal prep containers to help you achieve your goals

Want to keep on top of your nutrition? Sharpen your meal preparation skills with these reliable containers

Meal prep compilation

The words ‘meal prep’ might evoke different images. You might imagine a young wannabe Arnold Schwarzenegger spooning gallons of dry chicken and rice into thin plastic containers, while others might imagine glossy images of acai bowls strewn across social media.


Whatever your cultural connection, there’s no denying that preparing meals in advance is an efficient way to keep your nutrition on track.

With the demands of daily life it can be easy to slip up on your plan. Missing meals or not getting the right nutrients can seriously impact your performance, so meal preparation is a great way to minimise those slips.

What to consider when buying meal prep containers?

It’s important to consider how you want to plan your meals. Some people prefer to cook all their meals for a week, while others prefer to simply make the meal they struggle to get in easiest (often lunches). Others like to cook for two-three days at a time.

It’s worth bearing in mind which method you think you’d prefer, simply so you know how many containers you’ll need.

If you fancy cooking for the whole week, you may need to freeze them, so a more durable option might be better.

Aside from that, the most obvious consideration is that any container needs to be leak-proof with a high-quality seal. You’ll also need containers that are microwavable or oven-proof, depending on your heating method of choice. If you’re choosing a plastic option, it’s a good idea to look for BPA-free materials and check the containers are reusable for sustainability.

Lastly, consider your personal requirements in terms of maximum capacity. Most meal prep containers have a capacity listed in the product description and many have different compartments, so it’s worth having a think about how much food you’re likely to be cooking when deciding.

If you’re looking for some ideas for your meal prep, have a look at our recommendations for the best recipe books for athletes.

Best meal prep containers

PrepBox BPA Free Meal Prep Containers

These containers from PrepBox are worth considering for anyone getting started with meal prepping. The package features 10 stackable containers, so they can fit into your cupboard without taking up too much space when not in use.

They are both freezable and microwavable, with a capacity of around 780ml, plus they can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

PrepBox claims they’re leak resistant and airtight, too, which could be great for keeping your food fresh.

It’s also a nice touch that they include a free ebook titled ‘Meal Prep Mastery’, including recipes, printable meal planners and tips for getting the right macronutrients. If you’re looking for a reusable one compartment container, you might have found a good option.

M Mcirco Glass Meal Prep Containers

M Mcirco’s meal prep containers are made from glass, which the brand says is durable and able to comfortably adjust to temperature changes.

As a result, apart from the lids, they are safe for use in the dishwasher, freezer, oven and microwave. They feature a snap-locking lid with a silicone seal, which is said to keep food fresh and prevent leaking.

The glass design could be a good option if you’re looking for long term reusability, plus they’re naturally BPA free.

There are 10 containers included, with five 1,064ml and five 384ml containers; these alternating sizes could be an efficient way to portion out lunch and dinner throughout the working week.

Sistema Brilliance Food Storage Set

Sistema’s multi-purpose storage container comes with a stated 100% guarantee that they’re entirely leak proof. With an ability to hold 920ml, they could be the perfect option for holding stews and soups.

They’re also dishwasher and freezer friendly, with a stackable design for easy storage. Sistema also fitted steam vents to ensure they’re splatter-proof in the microwave.

Joseph Joseph 4 Piece Container

If you find that most meal containers take up too much cupboard space, this option from Joseph Joseph might be right for you.

It features a layered lock-in system, allowing each container to fit snugly inside each other. Each layer is colour coded, which makes it easy to match the lid with the base when putting the layers together.

The variance in size could be great for anyone who may cook meals of varying sizes. They’re said to be airtight, leak-proof and made of BPA-free plastic. They’re also said to be microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Prep Naturals Meal Prep Containers

Prep Naturals offer quantity at a low price. These containers feature a round shape with a capacity of approximately 680ml, and with 30 containers included, this option makes it possible to plan every meal for an entire week.

They’re built from a reusable BPA-free plastic and are said to be safe for use in the freezer and microwave up to 800 watts.

Black+Blum Stainless Steel Lunch Box

If you’re less interested in meal prepping on a mass scale, this lunch box could be a good fit. It features an old-school stainless-steel design, so if you’re cycling with this on your back (or simply just a bit clumsy), there’s no need to worry about it getting knocked around and cracking.

It’s suitable for the dishwasher and freezer but, of course, not the microwave. The steel design is great for anyone looking to heat in an oven instead.


It also features a silicone seal and vacuum lock, which Black+Blum says makes it 100% leak proof. There’s a hefty 1,000ml capacity, and the stylish green strap and a steel fork are included.