Ad feature: Power up with ActiVeman nutrition products

Whether you're an Olympian or suburban athlete, ActiVeman will power up your performance

ActiVeman nutrition

With iconic design, cutting edge patent pending formulas and developed alongside inspirational ‘active men’, ActiVeman is a science-backed complete range of six products for body and mind.


Designed exclusively for men, ActiVeman uses micro and macro nutrients to provide specific products for specific needs, and was developed in conjunction with inspirational ‘active men’ James Cracknell (Olympic gold-medal holder and British rowing champion), Ben Shephard (TV presenter and endurance-eventer) and Reggie Yates (TV presenter/DJ and fitness enthusiast).

The ‘Power Up’ line-up includes: Oatein, a blend of high quality oats and whey protein for a great start to the day; Vitamin for wellbeing, energy and healthy hair and skin; Thermolean with Copper, Green Coffee, Green Tea and Choline for weight management, energy and fat metabolism; Focus capsules for brain and heart health; Free Motion for joint health and recovery; and Energy Charge, a low calorie, low sugar high performance energy drink packed with ingredients to improve performance.


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