Ironman Tattoo Multisport

Our rating 
2.5 out of 5 star rating 2.5

The Tattoo sits in the middle of Ironman’s tri-suit range and offers a striking aesthetic, with a vivid sublimated print in a style that defines the name.


Ultimately, though, this suit doesn’t really do justice to the iconic brand; when compared to others in this price range we noticed compromises on fit, fabric and finish.

Most notable was how it came up short in the body, with several seams that create unwanted tension in the nether regions. This is a particular problem for swimming and running, when a long, straight posture is required. From a fabric point of view we also expected greater compressive power, and better resistance to water penetration.

On exiting the water, for example, the suit felt quite heavy and baggy, and took an age to dry. Furthermore the rear pockets, while able to accommodate enough nutrition for going long, weren’t secure, and noticeably flapped at high speeds and in a non-wetsuit swim.


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