Finis SwiMP3

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

There are several waterproof MP3 players on the swim gadget market, but the SwiMP3 is unique in that it uses bone conduction of sound, rather than conventional earplugs. For this reason, it’s perfect for swimmers who want to backstroke with the Backstreet Boys or fly with McFly.


To wear the device in the pool, you’ll need to pop each part under a goggle strap and ensure it touches your cheekbones. Thanks to this innovative design there’s no chance that water can come between you and the device, so you’ll always get clear, great-quality sound (perhaps too clear, as one fellow swimmer swore they could hear it).

There’s only 256MB of storage, but then you’ll only be using it in the pool. Both Mac and Windows compatible, the device makes uploading songs easy and you can opt to hear your tracks by playlist, alphabetically or shuffled. The controls are also simple to understand and easy to use.


Contact : SwimTec UK 01904 788427