Von Drais V-tags – first look

Look the part at your next race with this Kona-tested system for attaching race numbers to your bike


The V-tag is a new product brought to market by Von Drais and used by athletes at Kona last year. They’re designed to take away the need to use stickers on the top tube to display race numbers.


Instead, the V-tags are secured onto either the seat post or seat stay using two zip ties that feed through a new system named the Eel. The system is flexible yet firm and will not leave any marks on your bike.

The creators believe that this offers a good alternative to stickers that all too often leave a residue and are inconveniently placed leading to chafing of the inner thighs.

Once the tag is attached to the bike, the user can stick their race number onto the tag which can be can be used time and time again. The product also provides an extra platform to promote sponsors and event branding or information during and after races.

There are no UK stockists (yet), but they cost $14.95 in the US from vondrais.com, with free international shipping on orders over $39.


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