Topeak Prepstand Elite

Our rating 
3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0

Even though the Topeak is a very slick and stable stand, it still doesn’t quite tick all of our ‘tool’ boxes. That said, coming completely assembled in a balanced carry bag definitely gets it off to a flying start.


The wide, quick-release secured tripod base is extremely sturdy and the tall height range (10.5-19cm) will suit even the lankiest of mechanics. The wide-spaced legs also make you less likely to trip up.


But the clamp is what lets it down. For a start there’s no quick-close mechanism – just a slow winder that is a real pain. It only opens to 55mm, which means most aero seatposts won’t fit. And the ‘handy safe box’ on top of the head can only be used with the clamp level. But for £13.99 you can get a shaft-mounted tool tray, as well as a digital scale (£44.99) that slots in place of the ‘safe box’.