Specialized Air Tool Mini

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

A very sleek-looking pump, Specialized’s ATM takes patience but does have some nice features. The slim alloy construction looks class and the patch stash (with two glueless patches and sandpaper included), situated in the screw top handle, is a neat touch, especially as it’ll also hold spare chain links or an emergency fiver.


It’s under the 100g mark, at 94g, which is impressive for the price. At 25cm it’s not the smallest on test, but it does come with a clip and strap mount. Good positive engagement from the short lever means there’s absolutely no leakage. But while the low volume stroke is nice and easy, it takes forever to get to a decent pressure.

There’s a real clunk at either end, too, and it tries to clip back together unless you get the rotation right. You get 310 strokes to 100psi but the sharp-ended handle starts to hurt from around 80 strokes onwards, so it’s best to leave your gloves on.


Contact : Specialized UK 020 8391 3500 www.specialized.com