Review: Tanita Ironman body composition scales

Is it possible to get reliable body composition stats from a set of scales costing a shade over £100? 220's editor Helen Webster assessed their accuracy...

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Credit: The Secret Studio

Nobody loves a set of stats like a triathlete, so Ironman have been pretty savvy in partnering with Tanita on these scales.


Working by using Bio-electrical Impedence Analysis (BIA), they send a low electrical signal from your feet through your body and then give you a wealth of stats, including body fat and water content percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, visceral fat and metabolic age. Plus, there’s an additional setting for athletes that train for over 10hrs a week. But are they accurate?

Over our two-week test period, doing daily weigh-ins at the same time each day, the results we got seemed fair given the height/weight/activity level of our test team – and those that increased their training and improved their diet saw small yet realistic changes in the stats. Plus, the addictive data kept us off the biscuits, which has to be a good thing.

Verdict: not a bad price for a wealth of information, if you’re feeling brave, 81%

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