Park Tool PFP-3 Home Mechanic

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

This is a lightweight plastic pump with an ergonomic handle that allows flex. Form has overtaken function, though, as the handle is polished metal; it looks and feels good, but if you’re not paying full attention you might find your hand slipping during use.


Not that this hinders performance – the Park Tool was equal first in our in the 0-60psi bike pump group test and worked well at high pressures. But we found the position of the gauge awkward to read and the dial quite busy. On the positive, there’s a moveable pointer that you can set to your desired pressure.

The adaptor has two apertures, one for Schrader and one for Presta. The action of the valve lock is a bit stiff, so you need to hold the valve when locking it, although that will get easier with use.

The plastic base is adequate, although its asymmetrical shape means the pump is inclined to topple over when not in use.


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