Orca RS1 Triathlon Shoe Covers review

A little bit of extra faff, but aero gains may interest long-course racers

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Orca RS1 Triathlon Shoe Covers review


As worn by Ironman bike monsters Sebastian Kienle and Andrew Starykowicz, Orca’s aero shoe covers are the first tri-specific versions available.

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The heel tab means you can leave them on your shoes and then pull over at the back when you’ve finished strapping/dialling up at the start of your bike leg.

Admittedly this means more feet adjustment at the start of the bike, but in return you’ll benefit from the (marginal) aero advantages of a more streamlined shoe. On a practical level we found them easy to put on, sliding over our straps and buckles easily.

But it’s worth noting that unless you’re more nimble fingered than us, you’ll have to pull your feet clean out of your shoes with the straps done up approaching T2 as the cover is a little too tricky to pull back past your fastening without losing balance.

For sprint and Olympic-distances the time savings probably aren’t significant enough, but for long–course racing these could soon be considered essential kit.

Verdict: Some extra faff after T1, but worth it for faster long-course bike splits, 81%


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