Minoura WS-5000

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Minoura’s long-proven workstand is one of the best conventional clamp designs we’ve tested, even if it isn’t the best one they do. It’s not the most stable stand but, as long as the floor is flat and you’re not tinkering with tandems, it should be fine. And even newcomers won’t have any trouble setting it up because it comes fully assembled.


The ‘Omega bite’ clamp uses a fixed lower jaw so you can at least hang the bike in there while you fiddle about getting secure. It unlocks and rotates a full 360° and the 70mm span jaws will accommodate the most aero blade seatposts.

It’s well priced for the quality, although our hard-earned readies would definitely go on the much more stable tripod legs and easier-to-use clamp of the WS6000 which is only a tenner more.


Contact : Zyro PLC 01845 521700 www.zyro.eu.com