Lezyne Pressure Drive M

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

This stylish retro inflator turned in one of the surprise performances of our tests… but it won’t suit every situation. While weight (104g) and length (23cm) are happily mid-pack, its polished silver and black all-metal construction sets it apart visually. However, the real stand-out feature is that it uses an old school screw-on hose, rather than a push-fit valve.


Getting it ready to use is a bit of a faff. But rapid filling will make up lost time. The stroke’s really smooth and it was easily the quickest to target pressure (155 strokes to 100psi). Plus, the hose means more flexibility between you and the wheel.

However, you’ll need all the power-grip, braced-against-leg positions you can find to force the last 50 strokes in and the open-ended handle is a palm punisher. The screw-on hose won’t engage with valve extensions, either, so it’s not for deep-section wheel use. 


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