Hydrapak Chute

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

Hydrapak supplies the bladders for many manufacturers’ bladder packs and its own own Chute bag is one of the smallest and lightest around. Containing a 1.5L bladder and weighing in at 228g dry, there really is very little to it.


With one simple zip pocket on the back and no waist or horizontal chest straps, it represents the simplest way to carry water on your person when training or competing; in fact, the curved shape, lightweight and the fact it sits quite high on your back mean that you barely notice you’re wearing it.

The fill design is a sliding clip onto a folded bag, which is more fiddly than the bottle cap-type systems more commonly used. The only advantage we could see to this was the ability to really clean and dry the inside thoroughly.
However, for lightness, simplicity and build quality it’s very hard to find fault.


Contact : Madison 0845 603 4612 www.hydrapak.com