Crank Brothers Power Pump Ultra

Our rating 
3.0 out of 5 star rating 3.0

This sawn-off pump is super-portable, but only the astonishingly patient and pectorally blessed will enjoy using it. It’s the shortest pump here, which is lucky as it doesn’t come with a frame mount. But it’s not too heavy at 128g and the twist-lock, twin-valve head is easy to engage.


It takes 375 strokes to achieve 100psi. Starting off in the high-volume setting gets the tyre into shape very fast, and everything looks rosy up to around 50 strokes. Hitting road pressures means selecting the high pressure setting and it’s painfully slow going.

It’s not helped by the short, hard-clunking stroke or regular pressure burps from the head, either. And serious strength is needed to compress it over 80psi. Definitely better suited to fast-fill, low-pressure work on mountain bikes.


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