Blackburn AirTower 1

Our rating 
4.5 out of 5 star rating 4.5

Equal fastest in our 0-60psi bike pump time test, good at high pressures and very simple to navigate, the Blackburn AirTower is a real gem.


The pressure gauge is positioned at the bottom and the dial is a tad cluttered, but the figures are still very clear to read. And again, there’s the usual moveable pointer to set at your desired pressure, which counteracts the inconvenience.

The handle feels good – grippy on top and underneath, and secure – and there’s a groove for the hose to rest in when the pump isn’t in use, which is a nice touch. The pump has the standard double aperture adaptor but, like the Park Tool, the lock on it was quite stiff to use.

Again, it will probably bed in after a few uses. The AirTower comes with a steel barrel on a plastic base, but it’s chunkier than the unsteady Park Tool, and looks like it will take more wear and tear and provide more stability in use.


Contact : Madison