Blackburn AirStik CF

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

One of the most expensive mini-pumps around, Blackburn’s AirStik CF is also the easiest to use and the pimpiest.


In practical terms, however, there’s nothing that this does that the standard alloy barrelled AirStik (half the price at £19.99 and only 5g more) doesn’t. And at 160g, it’s heavy, too. I was also worried about back pocket security – at 29cm, the frame clip is an essential.

The long stroke and PowerGrip pivoting handle make it by far the most comfortable pump to use, with an Ivor the Engine-style “pshhhhhtyclunk” to spur you on. It’s fine for getting you up to pressure (265 strokes to 100psi) and I cruised through without stopping.

Sadly, tightening the valve collar to form a reliable seal sliced the ring that holds the dust valve cover off. But then it is covered by a ‘no quibble’ lifetime warranty.


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