More tutorials added to Bike Radar’s bike repair app

More tutorials added to the essential and ultimate repair guide from Haynes and our sister website BikeRadar

Credit: Haynes / Bike Radar

Do you often find yourself in need of advice when it comes to fixing your bike? Earlier this year our sister website BikeRadar teamed up with Haynes — makers of manuals for all things — to release The Road Bike Manual app, a comprehensive guide to maintaining and repairing your bike, and it has now been updated with even more roadside fixes.


It includes dozens of videos, hundreds of images and more than 40,000 words detailing every workshop task you can think of.

In addition to all that, the Get Me Home section covers emergency inner tube and tyre fixes using common objects you can find on the ground, as well as how to get home with a broken handlebar, or even a damaged chain or wheel, and after listening to reader feedback this section has been updated with even more helpful advice.

So now, users of the app will find the following additional tutorials in the Get Me Home section:

  • Emergency inner tube fix
  • Emergency tyre fix
  • Emergency chain fix
  • How to singlespeed your bike
  • How to fix a broken handlebar
  • How to fix a badly buckled wheel

Each tutorial is illustrated with images for each step of the process, too.

  • The app, available on both Android and iOS for £2.99 / $2.99, features step-by-step practical tutorials about every aspect of road bike repair from hubs to headsets, and everything in between.