Spiuk Nexion

Our rating 
3.5 out of 5 star rating 3.5

The 324g Spiuk is a good fit for many riders, but still hot and heavy for the money. The Nexion is another lid trying to bluff its way with a ‘one size fits all’ shell, but at least this one is shaped well enough to avoid obvious rock and wobble.


The twin tab ratchet strap also works okay and avoids occipital pressure points, but it still looks like something off a helmet half the price.

Bigger front vents force more air into the lid, but there’s still not much inner channelling, and you only get exhaust ports on the ¾ flanks. The one-piece pad and mesh liner cuts internal air flow dramatically, leaving you with a damp, sweaty hat rather than whistling wind.

Like the LAS you get a beard guard, but the shared Y-stap adjusters don’t have a lever mechanism so are a pain to adjust. Happily, there’s a peak for wet weather and the hardshell wraps right under the whole helmet so can absorb a little kitbag battering. You get  a choice of 13 colours, too.


Contact : Spiuk 08700 420894 www.spiuk.co.uk