Review: Spiuk Aizea TT bike helmet

A tad weighty, with some visor issues, but several clever features

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Spiuk Aizea TT bike helmet

Spiuk’s Aizea has the neat trick of being able to tailor the tail to your ride position by virtue of its interchangeable full teardrop and truncated options. If this versatility isn’t enough, you can also choose to have it fully covered or to remove a cover and expose the four vents.


It comes with a smoked visor which secures in place with a slightly fiddly small plug and two side-mounted magnets. If you prefer to go visor-free, there’s a neat trim that attaches the same way. It’s quite heavy, weighing in at 461g for our medium/large, but you do get a comfortable and tunable fit with Spiuk’s W-FIT 82 rear fitting system that includes tilt angle adjustment. 

The flexible ear covers facilitate speedy and pain-free transitions, and putting on and taking off the helmet can be done straightforwardly without removing the visor. It is a little prone to fogging though, but with the cover removed ventilation is reasonably good.

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