Review: Catlike Mixino bike helmet

Unique design, well ventilated, but might not suit wide heads

Our rating 
4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Catlike Mixino bike helmet

Looks-wise, the Mixino might be the most polarising helmet we’ve tested recently. It’s narrow, sits quite high on your head because of the deep airflow channels, and is different from anything else we can think of. 


The 39 vents on the top offer unmatched ventilation and we’ve put in hours of riding without any discomfort at all. The only caveat on comfort is that because it’s narrow, those with wider heads might find it a bit tight. 

The straps are easy to adjust, the buckle is a standard plastic offering and the minimalist retention system did feel strange at first, with no up/down adjustment, but it’s very comfy once you’re used to the feeling.

You can also get an aeroshell for an extra £39.99, but whether you’d want to spend any more given how pricey the helmet is comes down to budget.

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