Review: Casco Speedster helmet

Great for comfort, optics and Battle of the Planets fancy dress costumes

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0
Casco Speedster bike helmet

Long-tail aero lids are great if you can keep your head still. But if you need to move your bonce about – to check what’s going on around you, take a drink or just rest your neck – then a lot of the advantage they offer is lost.


Ditch the tail, however, and you’re left with a lid that’s almost as aero but less reliant on holding your head in one position, such as the new Casco Speedster. The medium-sized Speedster on test weighs 330g and fits 54-58cm heads snugly but very comfortably.  

Ventilation is surprisingly good but it’s the view through the integrated visor that’s the most impressive. Clarity is superb and with no arms or frame to encroach on your field of vision, it’s like seeing a film on Imax after watching it on a smartphone.

The only minor niggle is the small and fiddly clip on the chinstrap, which could lose you precious seconds in transition.

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